12" vinyl (Defiant Hearts Releases) from 9.00 € - 12.00€

Image of 12" vinyl (Defiant Hearts Releases) from 9.00 € - 12.00€


DH12 Undergång - the mother of armageddon 12"
The 2nd press comes only in purple with new artwork (slightly adjusted). If bought from label, an A2-poster is included to every record of 2nd press!
Pressing info: 275 purple

DH13 GRG - hound 12"
GRG from Oklahoma City (USA) show up with their first full-length record. Powerviolence with crust influences, some experimental slowdowns as well as sudden melodic parts but most time on highest speed. Exceptional record!
Pressing info: 150 green/50 white

DH15 Angers Curse - s/t 12"
What's the story of Angers Curse and the new selftitled album? Well, you will all hear that it's A.C. alright. Still pissed off, still screaming, combined with mad melodies as always. Still for fans of: Right Brigade, Cro-Mags, Trapped Under Ice, No Warning & Terror.
Pressing info:400 black/100 red

DH16 Latest Fashion - s/t 12"
Debut LP of LATEST FASHION from Sweden's hardcore-mecca Umea. It delivers 14 short, fast, angry and even catchy songs of (not only) 80's influenced hardcore. The vocals of frontguy Vittja, rthe manic drumming and the unusual guitar/bass work make this recording outstanding from everything you might have listened to for a long period. So if you like hardcore-punk straight, tight and above all distinctive you can't go wrong!
Pressing info: 400 on black/100 on orange